A Winery, a Wedding and A Portrait

Please go to recent projects to see the latest 2 films.

One was a one day shoot at the beautiful Terindah Winery on the Bellarine. Perfect weather and lots of fun.

The second was a wedding. My first wedding shoot and a very lovely way to spend a day filming!

In the Photographs section under Portraits are a number of recent images form a portrait shoot for local duo Him to Her.

2 New Projects and 2 Finished Ones

NEW PROJECT: StoryMedia are about to embark on a great project about cyber bullying, in this case amongst girls. It will be part doco, part dramatised and both eye opening and empowering. We are working with Presbyterian Ladies College in Melbourne and have an exciting 'free reign'. 

NEW PROJECT: StoryMedia are starting work on a film (or three) for Cochrane Australia about their program to gather and assimilate medical data from around the world in order to increase knowledge and broaden data sets. Sounds technical… it is. But it will be an interesting challenge and a great opportunity to incorporate information/text creatively.


JUST COMPLETED: StoryMedia recently finished a series of films and promotional photographs for HiTec Applications for their revolutionary new paint product. 


This was a half-day re edit of another film I had made… fast and furious!

AMCS 50th Anniversary Film now live!

Take a look in the LATEST PROJECT or ENVIRONMENT section to see the finished film for AMCS' 50th Anniversary.

A pretty huge undertaking, but being very well received!

ThinkFilm (now Story Media) feature in Surf Coast Times "Living" section

Nick Fletcher was interviewed and photographed for a 3 page feature in the Surf Coast Times newspaper. He has never been the other side of the camera or the story, but the staff at SCT were great and made it a fun experience, so many thanks to Adem (writer) and Peter (photographer)


Article is in the HOME section, courtesy of SCT



AMCS 50th Anniversary film

ThinkFilm has been asked to make a film for the AMCS's 50th birthday celebrations this year 2015. Part 1 (a short trailer) was finished just in time for the 50th birthday dinner in Brisbane and was well received. The long version is now in post production, due to be finished in July/August.

Festival selection for GIVE FRANK A BREAK

Give Frank a Break was recently officially selected for the international Flickerfest Film Festival in Sydney, as one of a hundred films picked from over 2000.  Although it didn't win, we were thrilled for it to be there up against some big budget international award winners! Thanks to everyone involved!

Source: http://givefrankabreak.org.au