2 New Projects and 2 Finished Ones

NEW PROJECT: StoryMedia are about to embark on a great project about cyber bullying, in this case amongst girls. It will be part doco, part dramatised and both eye opening and empowering. We are working with Presbyterian Ladies College in Melbourne and have an exciting 'free reign'. 

NEW PROJECT: StoryMedia are starting work on a film (or three) for Cochrane Australia about their program to gather and assimilate medical data from around the world in order to increase knowledge and broaden data sets. Sounds technical… it is. But it will be an interesting challenge and a great opportunity to incorporate information/text creatively.


JUST COMPLETED: StoryMedia recently finished a series of films and promotional photographs for HiTec Applications for their revolutionary new paint product. 


This was a half-day re edit of another film I had made… fast and furious!